Andrey (chunya) wrote in 104thex,

interesting in red star bar

hi to everyone!
i've just arrived to Baton rouge a week ago, i'm from russia.
reading local newspapers i've noticed that there are many rock bars here. but i'm interesting in one of them - red star bar. how i understood this place's content is usually indie and other unusual rock groups of Baton rouge, is it true? if yes, could u advice me some parties which i should visit that place in july and august?
i will be happy if anyone help me with that question.

p.s. maybe someone could rewrite me some sounds or some interesting groups of your city on dvd disks and i can take them to russia when i will go away. i very interesting in indie,post and electric rock of your country and city.

sorry for my bad english. thank u in advance.

p.s. if i mistaked choosing this coomunity for my question, please show me the resource that can help me better.
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