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Frigg A Go-Go/Snakes On A Plane contest

Please copy and REPOST EVERYWHERE...

Frigg A-Go-Go is one of several bands that have been selected to compete for a spot on the soundtrack of the the upcoming Samual L. Jackson movie, Snakes On A Plane!!!

We've submitted four songs to TagWorld, and they have chosen "Muscle" as the one to compete with.

We really would like your support with this contest. This might be what puts us over the top. PLEASE take a minute to vote for us. If we win, that means you'll get to see more of us, and that's what all of us want.

We sincerely appreciate your help. Thank-you!

The Specifics:
Please vote for us at

In the song submissions section click on genre and select punk. You should see us right there. You do have to sign up to vote (if you aren't already a member). I know that signing up for things is often not fun, but sign up is easy and they don't send junk mail.
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